Ecstatica 2

Adventure 1996 Dos Dosbox Psygnosis Action based 3D action adventure

All out action and adventure, great graphics

Ecstatica 2 is an action based adventure game which is a sequel to the original one. The plot this time is that the charcter who rescued the princess is now taking her back to the palace and they are about to get married. She is again kidnapped by the demons at the gate of the palace and the character is left unconscious. Now this is where your journey to save the princess will start. The action in the game is real time and involves some very skillfully animated combat sequences. You can move anywhere in the castle in search of clues and items that will help you on your quest. The swords that you will use for combats are of great variety and you also have a health meter to give you a good idea about where you stand. The enemies in the game are fairly tough and not frustrating at all. The graphics are mind blowing as the color schemes and the backgrounds are really alluring. The level designs and unique and the controls are very responsive. The variety of adventure and the scenarios in the game are also pretty much diverse. Another good recommendation is Damocles.

Good memories

Ecstatica 2 improved the experience you had playing Ecstatica 1. The story of the game starts from where the first game ended. The nameless character who turns to be a prince rescues Ecstatica and takes her back to his palace where they plan to be married. Arriving the gates, a winged demon kidnaps Ecstatica, while another one renders the nameless character unconscious, only to awake in the castle's pillory. And from here your journey of saving Ecstatica (again) begins. The combat in the game is improved in two ways: you actually have a health meter, which is very helpul, and the enemies can be killed easily. There are even a variety of swords that you can use in combat and you can even use magic to defeat your enemies. The controls in the sequel are better and you have the liberty to roam freely in the castle. And if you find the game too hard or too easy, you can adjust the difficulty level at your leisure. The graphics are more beautiful than in the first game and you can actually tell what everything could be.

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