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Cinematic masterpiece worth playing

Fahrenheit, also known in the United States as "Indiogo Prophecy" is a very unique and amazing game that leaves a lasting impact on the gamer. It is definitely has some mature themes and horror themes throughout the game, that make it scary enough. You start the game by stabbing a random business man while he is using the male toilets. This scene is like the modern shower scene from the Alfred Hitchcock movie "Psycho". The entire game is a cinematic masterpiece, and once you begin playing the game you don't actually feel like the introduction movie has ever come to an end. You begin having to make choices that effect the outcome of the game. You begin by playing the role of the killer, who wakes up from a trance and cannot work out how he got there. Do you hide the body? Walk out? Pay for your coffee? The game choices do not stop there as the game begins to force you to make some really moral questions, for example would you save a drowning child in a public park if you were wanted for murder? These sorts of choices and the freedom to interact with the cinema for the first time makes Fahrenheit a truly unique game. The game reminded you of how final fantasy games played through and involved you in the storyline without the RPG and fantasy elements. You genuinely are made to want to continue this game and unravel the storyline for the main character. The only problem I would have with this game, is the occasional mini games you have to play to continue the story, but they don't make the game any less interesting, and only work to keep you interested and participating in the game. I recommend this game for anyone who likes the horror movie genre, as this is literally a gaming masterpiece that has crossed into film.

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