Edgar Torronteras' eXtreme Biker

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It s all about motorcycle madness!

One innovation in game technology at the turn of the century was the implementation of the rag doll type of animation for characters. This little thing allowed a falling (human!) object to animate really lively and more on his (her!) own terms when accelerated or falling or in some other circumstance. Well, this is one aspect that will keep you interested in this game, the really awesome (and cruel!) manner in which your biker behaves when hitting the ground or some other elements of decor. So, the game is an extreme biker fest, where the accent is put on the execution of the most improbable mid air stunts that you can think of! This is delivered in a 3D world full of different tracks, some indoors, some outdoors, and some more realist and others absolutely out of this world! But it's a really cool and satisfying kind of fun, and this 99 game can still elicit wows and excitement out of you, even if it is by no means the most well aged game out there. At any rate, if you like it, but would rather focus on more racing driving, see Superbike 2000 to kind of clean your guilty conscience after slamming your biker the nth time in a raw!

Extreme indeed!

Edgar Torronteras' eXtreme Biker is a videogame that stars stuntman Edgar Torronteras and was developed by Sierra On-Line. Many games which had the word "extreme" in the title deserved that attribute and this game is no exception. While MotoCross Madness has started the bike racing genre, Sierra made this eXtreme Biker crazier, more extreme and a lot more fun. Not only did you have to race against other bikers, you could also free roam the places where you race, race in fashion, like performing various stunts while in mid-air but also the game made you think like you're on a real bike. Everytime you hit something you fall of your bike and everytime this happens your biker will fall off like a ragdoll. You can also fall off if you bend your bike to much in the corners. The landscapes are large and crazy, the graphics are colorful and beautiful and the sound design is great.

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