Fight of The Sumo-Hoppers, The

Sport 1999 Windows Tuomas Korppi Fighting Other sports

Harder than you d imagine a Sumo arcader might be

In The Fight of The Sumo-Hoppers you will control a sumo wrestler in escalatingly difficult matches. You might know this or not, but Sumo is mostly about overpowering your opponent than punching him. However, this kind of real world sport mechanic is translated into a button mashing type of game, where you control your sumo player's legs movements. You have to consider his balance, the balance of the opponent, neatly translated in game by certain graphical cues in the animations of the sumo payers. There are a lot of combinations of these leg positions to try and thus, the game can be quite taxing, as it asks you to concentrate and react split second. In a way it's like a combo kind of game, as if you were controlling some highly abstract fighter game; I would even go as far as saying that playing this was like playing one of those old Nintendo game and watch games, where you kind of had to learn what to do at whatever point in the game, based on largely abstract cues. Graphically, well, it's an alright game this sumo arcade sim/puzzle, though you'll hardly get the change of enjoying the vistas, since your main focus will be on your opponent's legs. So, yeah, a different kind of fighter game. Also, do try Super Sumo Wrestling 2002, which plays a little differently, being a bit more action oriented.

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