Dave Mirra Freestyler BMX

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Nice trick bike game

Those that watched MTV in the late 90s will certainly know who Dave Mirra is, a real celebrity in the underworld of trick BMX rides, who was very popular and also quite good. Unlike many other games that were born to capitalize on some more or less known stars, this one actually manages to be a decent trick bike game. The controls, essential in establishing how the game plays are very well designed, making for more than half the experience. What you do while playing is trying to execute different button presses while in air. If you fail a combo than you risk your rider falling or only getting half a trick right. The nice thing is that the combos will begin to feel rather intuitive after a while, since every button press has its very own trigger mechanic, so, for a half turn, say a button press would lead to that. Press it twice and the bike turns in that direction more steeply. Thus, the game, while definitely arcade, has an internal logic that makes it easy to get in a very intuitive fashion. Plus, the graphics are ok, though, maybe some of the textures could have been a little more crisp and detailed.

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