Electric Crayon: Dinos are Forever

Puzzle 1988 Dos Brian A. Rice Education

Draw dinosaurs coloring and puzzle mash; very entertaining!

Electric Crayon: Dinos are Forever is a well produced drawing and coloring simulation, based around the idea that you want to create and color these pictures, while the computer sets the goals and also gives you points for doing a good job as fast as possible. And so, Electric Crayon: Dinos are Forever is definitely a well produced game; it has all the necessary tidbits you'd expect from a game such as this one; it's a cool production, well organized, and it has all the amenities you'd want from a coloring game; enough sketches of dinosaurs to color, a cool palette of colors and a lot more other tidbits, that aid you in doing a good job. Now, with a mouse the game controls fairly easy, but if you have a tablet it will be even easier and smoother. At any rate, this is not a some artsy game, so that won't really be necessary. After all you're just looking to put color to pictures, so it's not a drawing from scratch experience! So, if you love dinos, give it a try, it will take you to the Jurassic period and beyond and, more than that, it will give you a relaxing experience. Similarly, download 7 colors, which is actually a puzzler with wargame like elements rather than a simple coloring and drawing experience.

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