Mickey's ABC's: A Day at The Fair

Puzzle 1992 Dos Walt Disney Education

Mickey's Big Day Out

The Disney name can usually be relied upon for high quality products, with classics like Aladdin and Lion King showing just what can be done with the license. This one is a little different, being an educational game aimed at pre-schoolers but it retains the high production values associated with the company and certainly does what it sets out to do, which is create a fun learning experience for younger players. This one is aimed at those youngsters who are just setting out on the joys of learning the alphabet and presents them with two scenarios in which to do so. You can choose to explore Mickey's home or head out to the fair, and in both locations you learn that by pressing the various letters on the keyboard, Mickey will perform different actions, thus helping to teach new learners to associate these actions with their initial letter. This being a Disney game, you'll meet up with some of their other famous characters, while there are also a few mini-games to be discovered and which encourage exploration and experimentation. When considered in relation to its target market, this one pretty much nails things perfectly. This being a Disney game, you're in for a treat with the visuals, which are lovely and bright, with vibrant use of color, silky smooth animation and excellent character work which really brings the iconic designs to life. The gameplay too is simple, as you'd expect, but rarely less than fun while also being quite educational, making it a great game to pick up alongside Mickey's 123.

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