Sesame Street: Opposites Attract

Puzzle 1987 Dos Brian A. Rice Education Cartoon

Fun-filled colouring action

A sort of spinoff from the Electric Crayon series, this is another in a long lineup of electronic colouring books and which takes its inspiration from the classic TV show that has inspired kids for generations. In principle, this one is pretty much the same as the others in the series, like Super Mario Bros so if you've enjoyed those or a a rabid fan of the show, this is worth checking out. If you're unfamiliar with the series, the game is basically a series of static, colourless images (30 in this case) which can be painted and coloured in any way you see fit. There are all the favourites from the sow, like Ernie and Big Bird, and you have a pretty decent range of colours to choose from, with a total of 256 shades available for use. There's not a great deal of room for creative expression as it is simply a case of picking a section on the picture, clicking on and watching it fill up with your chosen colour but if you're introducing young ones to the joys of such activities, then it's pretty decent stuff. As is typical of the series, you can add things like messages and descriptions or even turn your work of art into a calendar to be printed out and given to all your friends. As far as its limited aspirations go, this is sound stuff. There's a good range of images and scenes to choose from, certainly enough to keep old-school Sesame Street fans happy at any rate. The interface is simple and intuitive so even if this is the player's first introduction to this kind of thing, they shouldn't have any problems picking it up. If you're after another electronic colouring book and enjoy Sesame Street, this is a good bet.

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