Elite Plus

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Elite plus VGA graphics equals awesome!

While I still have love for the very original Elite for ZX Spectrum, I am not one to sneeze at releases that pay homage to the title, without taking away from it, but adding something to them, instead. Elite Plus adds VGA graphics, to, otherwise, the same sprawling space simulation of almost endless diversity and beauty. As the original did, this one too creates a new universe every time you start a new session, so, from gameplay session to gameplay session, the universe will be a new, completely different one. However, the menus in which you discuss with other races, in which you engage in trade or political arrangements, has been revamped considerably. Also, the ships have gained more color, and more depth, and, the controls too seem to be more responsive than the original ZX Spectrum version. Therefore, if you planed to give Elite a try, this version here is one of the most qualified to offer you a great time, on one hand still being very similar to the original, and on the other, having improved graphics that are much better suited for long playthroughs. Similarly, download Wing Commander 2, another beautiful space trader, exploration game, and fighter.

A great game, now with better looks

Elite plus is an enhancement of the original Elite which is a cool space craft simulation game and it is far better than it's original for it's VGA graphics (improvement from the former CGA), extra features and accessibility to all controllers, including keyboard controls which can be modified by the player. There is no change in gameplay - you go with your ship, teleport from planet to planet if needed, and trade with other space merchants. It is great in its authenticity and detail, and with better graphics it is certainly more pleasing to the eye. Elite Plus now has an additional ninth galaxy that can only be reached by hyperspacing into Witch Space. This cosmetic surgery on the great game was a success - the game is now even better, more dynamic and much cooler than it's original although still the same game in spirit. The game itself is very interesting, the simulation extremely detailed, yet not too complicated, the sound is great. Go ahead and try it out! You won't regret it.

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