Frontier: Elite 2

Simulation 1993 Dos Dosbox GameTek Space combat Space flight

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Roam freely and do whatever you want to do

Elite 2, a sequel of Elite, is a space trading simulation game that, while looks pretty old school, was pretty advanced for that time and day, since it had an abundance of opportunities and your options were virtually endless. In this game, you have the option to do everything and anything that you like, as long as it's in the legal merits of your surrounding. You can trade goods, fight is space missions for the army and much, much more, even including engaging in space piracy. There is no plot line, or predetermined missions, since the game if fully non-linear. The consequences of that way of playing is that the game cannot be lost or won - you set the goal for yourself and determine by yourself if it's accomplished or not. This second game of the two adds a few things in an otherwise much unchanged setting. It adds very realistic physics, which is very important to your ability of flying your craft. When you fully understand that game (it will take a while), you will see how very advanced the game is for its time and much space and freedom you have in it. You are your own master, and must answer to no one. That's pretty cool, ain't it? The graphics for the game look pretty retro, but are still pretty good, giving the game a cool, old time-y presence that you will enjoy. Highly recommended!

Buy and trade

Possably one of the 1st PC games where you have a playable world, and you can do whatever, wherever and how you want, depending on if its legal in your current star system! Buy and trade goods, min for ore, fight enemies, evede the police, get bigger ships armoured to the teeth with huge cargo bays, or a small ship with lots of firepower, the choice is yours! The only bad point I have to say about this game is that the graphics are quite "retro", and for 1993, these were actually quite good!

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