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Space trading classic

Here it comes Elite, one of the pioneer in space trading sim-strategy game. Elite is basically a space flight simulation and management game where there is good depth of variety on the gameplay and has to offer a lot in terms of fun and thrill. The game is not only about space trading as it also involves action sequences and space combats. Your role in the game is that of a space mercenary who sets out in the vast galaxy in his quest for fortune and fame. You can trade a variety of salvage space ships and can engage in many different space combats and missions which can really set your pulse rating in no time. The prime feature in the game is the graphic designing and the modelling because it gives a very inviting feel to the gameplay and really engages the player. You are a mercenary for hire and you need to complete the missions given so that you can earn a fortune. It also involves tactical decision making apart from the simple combat sequences. The A1 in the game is good as the enemies are not simple and the user interface is also something to admire. Overall the game is sheer fun and action and you can enjoy it along with games like Elite Plus.

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