Privateer 2: the Darkening

Simulation 1996 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Flight Space combat Space flight Shooter Action Sci fi

Clive Owen!!

Privateer 2: the Darkening, the sequel to Privateer, is a science-fiction action simulator game released in 1996 by Electronic Arts. The actors in this game are making the cinematics awesome, and they are: Clive Owen (who is one of my favorite actors), Mathilda May, John Hurt, Christopher Walken, Brian Blessed and Amanda Pays. You play as Lev Arris, who goes to make researches concerning his identity, after he had a spaceship accident. This can be regarded as a cliche, but actually, the story will surprise you in the end. Lev's journey implies meeting new and strange characters, visiting various planets, rescuing people. Also, your objectives require space combats and attacking enemies. Keep in mind that you don't have the option to save your progress unless you finish the missions correctly or escape safely. Everytime you land on a planet, the cinematics appear, that enchant you with a well-done acting. The graphics and the interface will seem for most of you mediocre and lumbering, but they were acceptable in that time. I was impressed by the space engine, and by the smooth and fast gameplay. But, I have to warn the fans of the original Privateer, about this: you will surely be disappointed by this sequel, because of the expectations that most of you are having. The cinematics are the single aspect that will play an important part of their joy.

Great cinematic cut scenes

Privateer 2 the darkenig has great cinematic cut scenes, excellent actors like Clive Owen and Christopher Walken gracing said scenes newer more user friendly interfaces for in game play as well are a nice added bonus in this edition of the Privateer Wing Commander series. Great story line, great gaming experience.

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