Arcade 1993 Dos Dosbox Flair Software Platformer Cartoon

Great fun for all ages

This is a very colorful and fun platformer game, full of beautiful colors, great level design, fantastic animation and great overall enjoyment ( a lot like another great platformer, Rayman) Each level has its own unique cool theme, enemies, exquisite level design and atmosphere. Otherwise, the gameplay is pretty typical for a platformer game - you have to go to the end of the level by jumping on platforms, jumping on enemies to destroy them and collecting coins and powerups for a higher score. There are a lot of cool powerups that help you in the game, like being invisible. I am in love in how great the levels look and how fantastic and original the design is, as well as colorful, in a very cartoonish manner. The animation is not half bad, but could be a bit faster. The enemies are original and very cool. The music is a nice addition to the already great gaming experience. Perfect for children because of the bright colors and easy linear gameplay. Highly recommended!

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