Arcade 1994 Dos Dosbox Flair Software Platformer Cartoon

Casual addictive game

Here something you can enjoy for a while, Whizz. This is an arcade cartoon game which is a lot of fun for both the younger folks and the older veteran gamers. The plot in the game is that you play as whizz which is a rabbit and must counter platforms and obstacles in various races and defeat the enemies. The races are not simple as it involves both obstacles and enemies that create hurdles in your path. The control of Whizz is pretty simple as you use one button to make it jump and the other to make it spin and attack gthe enemies. The graphics in the game are cartoonish and it is something which the theme requires. However they are very colorful and cute and so is your rabbit. You will collect various items at different levels in the game and everything you collect makes you earn points. The level designs in the game I must say are quite unique and there are three levels of difficulty. Everything has been implemented to perfection and this has made it an addictive game which has very good replay value. The music in the game is also catchy and you will enjoy it thoroughly. Oscar is another good game which is really cute and fun.

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