Strategy 2006 Windows The Glest Team Real time Medieval Building

Medieval type 3D strategy in real time

What Glest offers is a combination of engine, graphical, tactical, and all the underpinnings of a strategy game, with a campaign of its own, but with the possibility of producing your own scenarios, maps, confrontations or with the ability to tweak all the options to your own liking. It is this not the most amenable strategy game out there, but even so, the amount of options that it allows you in creating your own strategy reworking out of it is worth recollecting. In a way I could say that this is a game designing toolset, were it not for its generally low fi manner of integrating new campaign. So, what can I say, you'd better be playing this as a standalone game and leave the tweaks and creation aside, as it sure doesn't make for the best experience, if, especially, you're going in for the professional design options. Graphics wise it looks its age, 2006, which is not to say that this is an aged game, nope, it's just that it doesn't shine, in no particular graphical aspect, being quite bland. Want to try a more worthwhile medieval strategy? Go for the Rome Total War or even better, Medieval Total War series, these sure make a lot more sense overall, if you're looking to pour really large amounts of time into them.

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