Empire - War of the Century

Strategy 1987 Dos Interstel Corporation Alternate History Top down

An expansive wargame; capture the entire world!

Empire - War of the Century is a wargame that doesn't care about history or alternative history, all it cares is that it offers you sufficient materials and tools so that it can be playable, immediately. In terms of weaponry, types of soldiers and setting, it's like a Sci Fi game, though not in the very distant future. Thus, you will feel like you are playing some alternate, modern military world game; there are ships, there are planes and ground units and there are even submarines. The game is not played in chunks, in levels, you start a world campaign with each new game, so it can take a while to finish, be victorious or a lover. The map is also quite huge, but the overall tactical portion of the game is simple; both you as well as the enemies have access to only 8 different units, which keeps the gameplay simple, but also very involving. Basically, between you and the enemies, you share similar powers and units, and so, the winner is generally the better strategist, the one that was more capable of using his units better. Graphically it can be a bit underwhelming, with 2D maps and units, but it looks alright. Also similar, download World Empire, which is similar in theme, but more strategic than tactical.

Go for victory!

In Empire, you start with a city where you produce military units and your only goal is to conquer other empires, something you may have seen in other empire managment game, but with a oldschool touch. About resource managment. you just select what unit your cities need to build and wait for them to be built. Another good feature I have found in this game is a map editor, where you can edit or create a new map. The graphics are nice for DOS standards, but sometimes the sound gets too loud. In conclusion, anyone new to any RTS game should try Empire out because it is a good start for anybody into the RTS or TBS genre.

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