Adventure 1985 Dos Interstel Corporation Text based

A text based wargame with a nice narrative

This game was developed almost singlehandedly by Walter Bright in 1971 and it was a combination of wargaming gameplay (controlled via text based inputs) while the story was in the vein of Risk and Battle of Britain. However don't go searching for these as games, nope, these were movies which the developer liked and wanted to see if he could tell similar stories in game form. Anyway, between the 71 conception and the Interstel released version in 87 not much had changed, ease of control wise and therefore I find it quite hard to tell you to try this game. It's just a hassle all over. The strategy bit overlaps over the rest of the game's elements and makes it so much harder to control. BUT, a very big BUT: this game inspired later absolute classics, such as the more than celebrated Civ series, Global Conquest and some other games. So, in that respect the game deserves the praise and even an install, if you have the time, but, again, don't expect no revelation. Games hardly ever come more filled with so many troubles in the realm of control and playability.

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