Roadwar 2000

Strategy 1986 Dos Dosbox SSI Organized forces Alternate History

A good action game

Set in an post-apocalyptic world where a deadly virus has collapsed the whole country, you control a gang of people who go from town to town in their desperate attempt to survive in this harsh and deadly world by any means possible, and that is mostly by raiding cities and getting survival equipment, like food and weapons. On your path throughout the former USA, you encounter a lot of other gangs and you fight them for better position. If you were good enough, you will get much bigger and more important things to do.. The game is full of action and things to do, and the missions are very varied, so you won't have that repetitive feeling of playing the same things over again. There are also a lot of strategic elements, since the combat requires a lot of thinking and planning to be successful for you. While the graphics are very crude with simple colors and grainy images, the gameplay is still fun enough to endure. The downside is that there is virtually no music and the game can be a bit hard on you at first. Don't get discouraged, after the first few failures, you will soon get the hang of the game and enjoy it a lot. A good game for action adventure lovers and if you liked it, try Roadwar Europe, the game's sequel.

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