Encyclopedia of War: Ancient Battles

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Ancient battles strategy; good enough

Encyclopedia of War: Ancient Battles is surely ambitious, and, while not a hyper realist game, you couldn't really fault it for not trying; it sure is a game that wanted to pack a lot of units from many different continents and early history factions and nations, and thus, it had to contend with a few lesser ideas, with a few lesser developed concepts. Thus, the units share a similar mathematical build, with speed, life points and attack (and also types of attack) as a basis. Yes, it can produce an alright, but not very nuanced group of enemies, and if you're not very much looking for that perfect historically accurate game, you'll most likely find this one palatable enough. Graphically, just as the tactical engine, it is alright enough, top down clean 2D units and maps, with very few distinguishing elements, similar to amny top down RPGs on the NES console. That can be a plus for those that love the feel and look of that console, but less so for those that think it unfit for strategy. So, give it a try if the premise of vanilla war with ancient armies entices you, else download this Total War title, much more detailed and much more palatable graphically.

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