Ingrid's Back!

Puzzle 1988 Dos Dosbox Level 9 Computing Adventure style Historical

The gnome strikes back!

This follow-up to the original Gnome Ranger sees the return of the incredibly popular anti-heroine that is Ingrid and is an equally enjoyable slice of old-school text adventuring. If you enjoyed other Level 9 games like Knight Orc and The Price of Magic then be sure to check this one out too. The incredibly engaging story sees the clumsy but lovable gnome embarking on an epic quest that is a little different from the usual fantasy quests and which sees her out to save her beloved village from property developers who are aiming to turn it into some kind of yuppie paradise. This boils down to a text adventure in three distinct parts as Ingrid sets out to get everyone to sign a petition to stop the development, to find a slightly more unusual approach and also to infiltrate the HQ of the boss behind the scheme. These can all be played however you like and involve the usual mix of exploring and puzzle solving as you go. Ingrid's Back! really is a text adventurer's delight. The story is wonderfully humorous, with a number of memorable characters to meet and interact with, while the descriptions are detailed and atmospheric, really bringing the world to life. This is supported by the wonderful still graphics which are equally vivid and which add much to the game's appeal. The parser system is a breeze to pick up yet intelligent and flexible, making this perfect for newcomers or old-hands, while the puzzles and exploration are enjoyable, challenging and clever in equal measure. While not one of the best known of text adventures, Ingrid's Back! is certainly one of the best and deserves a wider audience.

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