Family Feud

Puzzle 1987 Dos Dosbox ShareData Word or trivia Challenges Historical

Based on a Hollander (worldwide maybe?) quiz show

Family Feud recreates the same type of gameplay, a quiz based televised show recreation, in which two families battle each other, both in accuracy of their responses as well as in the speed with which they can think of the answers. From my time spent with it I can gather that Family Feud is taking its quiz questions from pop culture (better be acquainted with late 80s pop culture!) history, the animal kingdom and much more. So, it's mostly general knowledge, with bits of history that by now might no longer feel as relevant or as clear cut. But, at any rate, in spite of the oldie graphics Family Feud manages to pull you in, especially if you love being quizzed. Otherwise, well, it might be a bit of a drag, but that's the show like! Alternatively, if you will find that the game premise is not to your liking, though you enjoy quizzes, Wheel of Fortune might be more to your taste. So try them both, see which one tickles your memory neurons better! I personally liked it, but I didn't keep it in my DOS collection, but maybe those of you who remember the actual TV show might get more out of it, fall for the nostalgia trip!

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