All New Family Feud

Puzzle 1989 Dos Dosbox Softie Historical Game show

Average quiz game

It is a puzzle game that is based on a game show that use to run on the television with the same name. The game involves 5 families whose members have been divided in teams to play the quiz and other competitions in the game. The teams will have to match answers to the question that are based on research or polls. The points that will be earned by a family is dependent on the number of the members that respond correctly to the questions. The game also involves helping each other out and is very interesting in terms of the questions that are there. The game has a very good interface that enables users to get a grip on the gameplay very easily and makes them understand all the aspects of the gameplay. The graphics are also very good and so are the level designs which give you a distinct chunk of questions and some very inviting puzzles. You also have to be quick in answering the questions because they are based on time. The team with the highest points will ultimately win the game. The game is overall average but fun for trivia fan lovers.

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