Enemy Nations

Strategy 1996 Windows Head Games Publishing Real time Science Fiction

Complx and absorbing empire-builder

If the likes of Earth-bound strategy games like Civilization and Rise of Nations are giving you your sci-fi fix, then Enemy Nations is more than worth a look. It takes the empire-building concept and throws it into space, charging players with conquering a planet all in the name of glory. It's pretty much a traditional real-time strategy game but one which is supremely well done and offers far more depth and complexity than you might expect. there's no campaign mode but rather a series of stand-alone missions with their own objectives and which require you to build up your outpost by harvesting resources, constructing buildings and of course engaging in battle with the other parties who are trying to do exactly the same thing. It's familiar stuff but it's the way everything has been put together so well that helps the game stand out. It requires some genuine strategy and thought to complete the missions successfully and most of the elements are well balanced and integrated smoothly and effectively. The visuals and sound are effective rather than spectacular, using the normal isometric view and while the game is supposed to be a sci-fi one, it doesn't make the best use of the concept, with things looking pretty similar to games set in the real-world. Fortunately though, the level of detail and general accessibility make up for this and to a large extent, Enemy Nations is absorbing stuff if you're into your strategy gaming, with a good mix of the tactical and the thrill of combat and which provides plenty to get your teeth into.

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