Star Control 3

Strategy 1996 Dos Dosbox Accolade Real time Top down Science Fiction Adventure Sci fi

A lot better than its prequels

Star Control 3 is a 1996 action RTS that posseses all the ingredients of an authentic fantastic game. These ingredients are strategies, quests and arcade elements. You must prevent the destruction of the world, that is ruled by new alien races. This third game of the Star Control series comes with a new 3D map, new locations to explore and conquer, and many more that awaits you to discover them. After many battles, you, as the commander, set the Earth free from the Ur-Quans. Star Control 2 ends with a huge explosion caused by a massive destruction of a ship, that was equipped with the Precursors technology. Suddenly, without any apparent reason, all Hyperspace quests in the galaxy have stopped working. Top researchers found out that the cause of this damage was located somewhere in an unexplored area called the Kessari Quadrant. You play as a commander that has to unravel the mysteries behind the stories related to that location. You start the game with a single fleet on a planet, somewhere very far away, where you have to manage every colony with construction options, defense systems, and other priorities. The communications don't work, so you have to handle the situation by yourself. You will discover abandoned species along your way and sometimes you will be put in charge to solve conflicts in a tactful manner. Unlike Star Control 2, the creators have brought successfully some improvements in the graphics and sounds area, in the visual effects and gameplay. This game will surely make the fans of the genre play it for hours, even days!

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