Strategy 1997 Windows Studio3DO Real time Science Fiction

Uprising is a cool mechanized war game with a tactics backbone

Uprising puts you in charge of steering and gunning down mobile and static targets in a futuristic battlefield full of dangers. What will stand out even after all these years is the quality of the graphics, which, even for 1997, were really great. Compared to games today the game not only looks very good, but also allows you a freedom of movement that at the time was revolutionary. You can move in all directions as well as strife easily. In fact, if you were to try the game now, the first thing you would be impressed by is the way the controls are mapped on the keyboard. They are the regular modern controls that we've all grown accustomed to the WASD plus the mouse control scheme. The tactical potion of the game is real time as well and it involves commanding your allies and giving orders for other units to teleport at different locations on the map. Thus, you will always be active on the map, either gunning down enemies or finding the right positions where your fire power is most needed. The strategic elements are extended between mission, where you can improve weaponry, and choose which research branch you want to advance. Uprising is a very demanding but also very fun game to play and I recommend it to all those looking for a fast paced shooter with tactical elements.

It's very funny

This game was the first game i played with my new 3d graphic accelerator. I can't forget that day... Uprising is a very good game. A good mix between action and strategy. Your goal is to conquer the universe planet by planet. On each planet you have to play a adrenalinic game with the enemy using your tank-command center to destroy opponent bases and conquer the whole territory. During battle you can teleport your available units to support your action. You can use flying fighters or tanks or other units. Between a mission and another, instead, you can improve the weaponry and research best units... You'd better try this game. It's very fun.

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