England Football Championship

Sport 1991 Dos GrandSlam Soccer

A very meh action soccer game

What the developers must have though while designing England Football Champ, was "let's made the Sensible Soccer titles so good", thinking that what was their cartoonishness. Granted, that too was a good staple of these, but what set them apart was sheer playability, likeability, simple control scheme and fun factor, as derived from all these elements. No, England Football Championship only knew how to borrow the cartoonishness from it all, it had that relatively figured. Only even that partially! Because, instead of going for something genuinely cute, they just made the player's heads too large, unreasonably large, so much so large to the point that they obscure you from seeing the darn ball! And, if that might have been forgivable, not so is the case with the game's other bits and pieces. The controls are really awkward, mainly because the players respond poorly (belatedly) to input and too much of it all feels chaotic. Thus, no, I can't recommend this title, but, like I said, a Sensible Soccer title, which this game tried but failed to emulate, can be a much better option instead.

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