GFL Championship Football

Sport 1986 Dos Dosbox Gamestar Football

Novelty text based American football experience

I'm pretty sure that a real time game of American football controlled via text based commands was not a novelty item back in 86, though I know for a fact that it was not the norm either. But, whether or not the developers were some sort of retrograde hipsters or not, well the gameplay formula sure felt weird enough, as it was more befitting of a text adventure. So, how does it actually feel to control a football game via text commands? Well, weirdly enough, not so farfetched! That is because the game itself is more of a strategy game than other forms of ball games, and so, you will mostly have to control the game as a turn based tactics type of thing, which keeps the formula manageable. Sure enough, you will not be locked in dexterity type contests as in a, say, John Madden Football game, but you will be nevertheless feel as if you strategy thinking is tested. At any rate, I can't say that this is some sort of must play game, but it sure has its moments, and as far as my experience goes, it sure feels different and weirdly enticing. Give it a go and see if it ensnares you too, it's a weirdly satisfying experiment!

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