Italy '90

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Not the best 2D soccer sim out there

With Italy '90, you will find that a couple of things are not really right. On one hand, while the 2D perspective might not allow for very detailed players, it is however just carelessness that makes one think that is ok to use exactly the animations for the entirety of the teams. The same moves, animations, look , hair color, etc. Only the color of the T shirt varies, but the sprites are clearly the same. Then, the perspective chosen for the game is one that doesn't allow you to have a tactical feel for the placement of your footballers. This means that you'll never be able to get certain shots, as these will just slip by you most of the time. So, even though the controls are relatively ok, and the game is not broken, the blandness of the experience is just too overwhelming. Rather, go for a game such as Sensible World of Soccer, which shows that it doesn't take too much to make a game really stand out. But, if you just hurry it and don't think it through, it's not going in the right direction, as Sensible World of Soccer shows quite clearly.

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