Manchester United Europe

Sport 1991 Dos Krisalis Soccer

Simple and quite fun soccer action game

The games features a very well designed and statistically correct Manchester United team with which you can play against in an European tournament. The game is well produced, finding a right balance between simulation and arcade action, allowing you to sink into each game and play without feeling the pressures of the interface. That is so because the game makes excellent use of its scarce button arrangements, and thus, it manages to create a very interesting and fun experience. Thus, you never feel overwhelmed and don't feel like you're battling the controls, instead being more prone to get into the game sooner. But don't expect no 3D wonderland, this is a 2D game, with relatively nice graphics, and with animations that manage to convey an essential though minimalistic feel of the passes and the player interactions. So, no, you're not in for no hyperreal football simulation, but nevertheless, after the flow of the game sinks in, you can actually have a good time at the helm of each and every player you control. You can choose to change players mid match, you can choose to change the field placement of the players, and that's about it. So, if you're a fan of digital Manchester United depictions, this DOS era version while not the most exhilarating, still remains a very playable one. It's worth giving a try.

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