Gazza II

Sport 1991 Dos Empire Interactive Soccer

What an unpleasant mix of action soccer and management this is..

Pfff, I don't even know why anyone would bother to release this as a full, AAA at the time game. I mean, from all points of view this is barely more than a proof of concept, nowhere near completion, and I'd reckon, even if all the missing pieces were added and this were to be finished, it still would not have been a good, interesting product. So, what happens is that you get both some action soccer but many of the things that your players are to do on the field are dictated by your abilities as a tactician and trainer. And, let me tell, you, none of these portions feel as they should. The real time matches are gruesome to witness, let alone play, with totally uninspired animations and too few elements about. It's so empty that it almost feels depressing, and old games rarely ever do this. So, really, avoid it, unless you want to see how barren an unfinished game can be, you'd better stay away from this monster. Nope, I'd rather play any FIFA game, if I feel like playing something that looks and feels like an action game, even form the olden days, and I'd rather play Goal II, yet another almost unfinished manger, but one that at least has all the elements there. Nope, Gazza II is a damn joke, and a joke that bombs, for sure!

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