Puzzle 1997 Windows WizardWorks Adventure style Historical

A very decent Egypt-based Myst clone

Entombed is actually a re-release of and old adventure puzzle game from the year 1985. You play an archaeologist that is trapped in an underground tomb an the only way for him to find his way is to solve numerous puzzles, Egyptian style. All that he has to help him is a diary he found from the person who was last there, and clues that are along the way. This game is basically a Myst clone, with very similar gameplay and atmosphere. The puzzles are not that original, but they are still very well thought and challenging to the brain. You will sometimes find it hard to solve them, but there are clues to help you, much like in Myst. The game is very atmospheric and extremely intriguing. The graphics are very detailed and the design is pretty original in my opinion. The game will captivate you for long hours and give your brain quite a workout. While not Myst, it is still pretty close in its quality and difficulty. If you like puzzle games, this one is definitely recommended!

Challenging puzzles

I played the demo of this computer game way back when I had win 95. I enjoyed it. The graphics for the time were great. I thought the rooms were beautiful and the puzzles challenging. At some points the puzzles were too challenging and I had family help me work them out. I would like an xp version. Also, the makers of this game are from my hometown. When I seen the address, I knew exactly where they were on Penny rd.

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