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Business, strategy and economics

Entrepreneur is a game that focuses on the small decisions and activities of an entrepreneur, sort of simulation the day to day interactions and hurdles that will come the way of an investor or, if you will, manager of a business. The game plays turn based, has a really interesting card based random events portion, the kind that asks you to take decisions topically, depending on what sort of situation is presented to your eyes. At any rate, Entrepreneur is a cool, without question enticing game, for strategists and for economic simulation lovers. It is like a Capitalism sort of game, only that, while in C. you would endeavor to control your game at a much higher level, taking the high level decisions, in this one you are more of an executive type, taking care of everyday business! Graphically, the game offers you a 2D top down map, with the required secondary screens, that will allow you access and control into the other bits and pieces of the game. Anyway, if you love labor intensive simulators, say games such as Patrician, you will definitely find Entrepreneur to your liking as well.

Build your corporate world

This game is no doubt one of the most exciting business simulation games which provide you all the deep aspects of the business world. I have found it to be a great learning game for those who are studying subjects related to business. You can select a vast range of different products and use a wide variety of strategies for their marketing and distribution throughout the globe. Apart from the learning aspect, it has been made interesting with colorful graphics which bonds you with the game. It allows you to develop business tactics in a playful manner and enables you to test your tactical abilities. You can adjust different features of a product and take decisions about spending on research and distribution. From start to end, you will find a wide array of techniques which can be used singly or in combination to produce the best results. It is a great combination of graphics, learning and ability enhancement and is really worth your time. A good superior to this simulation game is The Corporate Machine which was released in 2001.

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