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A million game menus

I have played this game for hours, yet I still not cannot work out how to actually play this game. While expecting a god simulator like Sim City, what I got was an endless maze of menu's that then lead on to other menus. This was when I worked out I was actually playing the game. This game is so complex it feels like you need an economics degree just to play the game. It focuses too much on the business side of capitalism, which takes away from the fun of the game, this mixed with an extremely complex and difficult gameplay, makes the game very frustrating to play. It is also very hard to visualise what is going on in the game and how the game progresses. I kept discovering new parts to the game like when you discover your Sims need underground water piping in Sim City 2000, except this realization there are new parts of the game, seems to go on for hours, until you forget where you are or what you are doing, or how to get back to that random menu, you saw hours ago. Maybe Capitalism could have been more decent, if I understood it better, went through the tutorials or had more patience. But since nothing seems to be self explanatory and after hours of playing, I still felt as if I hadn't progressed at all, I walked away feeling quite frustrated by the programming and design.

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