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More grounded type of arcade street racer

eRacer proposes a similar brand of racing as the Hot Pursuit NFS subseries, and it does deliver on the promise. The game is full of different vehicles, lots of urban decors and a few other circuits as well, and it has that early 2000 sleekness to it, with a pumping musical selection of tracks and gameplay that isn't pure arcade, nor pure simulation. Another advantage of playing this game intead of some other pumped up racers is that this one does not heed to the bloom and other nauseating graphical effects that were so common later on in these type of racers. So, with all of its pomp and whistles, the game is actually a tamer version of that kind of urban racer that struggles to sell itself on vehicles that can be taken from stock version to more glamorous versions of themselves, not that there's anything wrong with that, just that, well, the recipe gets kind of old after a while. So, another way to look at this game, is to think it a prototypical foray into modern day racing of the NFS brand, only a bit tamer and without all the screaming flashy things to hinder actual playability. Bottom line is, this game is great for mindless racing without having to go crazy over too much graphic overdosing!

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