Taxi3: Extreme Rush

Racing 2005 Windows Fusion Software Car simulation City race Gran Turismo Sport Arcade

Far from extreme

Despite the game's name this isn't exactly a Crazy Taxi-style racing game and it is in fact more of a Need For Speed-style underground driving experience. Unfortunately, it's not a very good one so unless you're really desperate for thrills, you're best off looking elsewhere. The game's title comes from the fact that in the story parts, your taxi has been stolen and you're now trying to get it back. Strangely enough, this requires you to take part in a series of dodgy underground races, although it's not really clear how this is going to save your bacon. Nevertheless, you'll have to take part in a variety of race styles, including drag racing, street racing (where you need to cause as much damage as possible) and city racing (requiring you to find your way around the city). You can also expect to get chased by the police and helicopters during the game. Interestingly enough, you can play the entire story mode with up to three friends, which is probably the only way you'll get any enjoyment out of this. This could have been another decent entry in the racing genre but unfortunately, the game is pretty much still-born right from the start. Although the game looks reasonable enough for a budget offering, when you start playing you soon realize that there's nothing extreme about it at all. The various racing styles are never more than bland to play through so it won't be long before you get a little bored by it all. There's no real incentive to unlock new races as they're just as dull too so really, this is one to avoid.

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