GTR: FIA GT Racing Game

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Hardcore racing sim for true petrolheads

One of the lesser known racing sims, GTR eschews the arcade-style handling and outrageous chases of Burnout and its kin, instead preferring a realistic interpretation of high speed driving, where real-world physics are recreated as precisely as possible. As would be expected, a range of cars are selectable, including BMWs, Ferraris and Porsches, and which are raced across a number of track-based courses. One of the game's key selling points is that it uses data from the real FIA GT drivers and which contributes to its claims of ultra-realism, while cars can be tweaked extensively to suit players' tastes. Another interesting feature is the dynamic weather which changes during races and which affects how you drive, further adding to the experience. Sound too is well replicated, with individual cars discernible from one another by true petrol heads, but is largely limited to the repetitive and droning engine noises. Graphically, the cars are well represented and move along at a fair old pace, but visually the game lacks any true shine, with fairly dull tracks and backgrounds. GTR is challenging in the full simulation mode, but other modes are available to give players the experience they need to take on the game as it is meant to played. For hardcore driving fans, used to the likes of Gran Turismo and Forza, this is a great retro reminder of how things used to be.

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