GT Legends

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Get your race on

Driving games have come a long way since the days of Outrun and Power Drift and GT Legends is a fine continuation of the legacy set down by these pioneering classics. This one offers heaps of cars, loads of tracks and manages to recreate the thrill of driving at high speeds almost perfectly, making it a fine choice for racing fans. You start out with just two cars to choose from, a Mini and a Ford Cortina, and in order to progress you need to complete a series of challenges which is achieved by finishing well in a set of stages. Achieve this and you'll open up more challenges, cars and cups, including GT and Touring Cars. You've also got modes like Practice and Free Race so you can hone your skills while there are over 25 tracks to race on, each of which is a variation on a real world one. In terms of cars, you have more than 90 to unlock, including things like Ferraris, Jaguars, Lotuses, and Cobras, making this something of a dream come true for racing enthusiasts. Fortunately, it's not just the range of cars on offer that makes this so appealing. They are all implemented in realistic fashion so the game feels very authentic but without sacrificing the fun factor. The tracks are also well done, both visually and in terms of variety and challenge and they will really test your every driving skill while also being very exciting to drive around. The graphics are top notch, with heaps of trackside detail to enjoy and that all important sense of speed so when you add all this together, you're left with an excellent driving game.

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