Ernie’s Big Splash

Puzzle 1986 Dos Muppets Education Humorous

Rube Goldberg puzzler, so you can bathe with rubber ducks!

Ernie's Big Splash is a kid who doesn't want to cover his entire bath room with water, but, at the same time, he wants to play with his rubber ducks while taking a bath! In order to achieve both goals, he can't leave the bath tub, but he can manipulate some of the items in the bathroom in such a fashion as to allow the ducks to come to him! Thus, the game is a puzzler, in which you create these contraption in order to create bridges (which also move, or have some other effects) so that the rubber things can get to their place. It's a pretty cool puzzler, which gives it a really satisfying production and interaction with, even if it is simple, well crafted and always exciting to look at. Graphically, the CGA graphics are pretty cool, simple, but animation wise don't expect too much. It's a gimmicky game about a gimmicky situation, and thus, it's pretty fun, and pretty well produced overall. So, have a go at it, it won't disappoint, if you like The Incredible Machine and any other games in that style.

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