Card Sharks

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TV show digital recreation type deal!

What Card Sharks is, is a card game that takes its directions from a TV show, and the way it does it is by mocking many types of nasty, boring television shows. Thus, the cards you will handle are inspired by infomercials, by TV surveys in which random people on the street are asked all sort of embarrassing and, why not say it, stupid questions. At any rate, Card Sharks holds itself a nice game, always entertaining and always fun. While it can get gaudy at times, the game is nevertheless a nice, clean take on the subjects it proposes, so you don't have to fear that you'll expose your children to anything vulgar or explicit. Because, frankly, the game only truly comes alive when played at parties or with friends. Graphically, well, if you're ok with CGA level graphics, you're going to be ok, but if you can't stomach a lesser color palette or jaggedly lines, then you might not enjoy it as much. But the color clashing here is somehow in tone with the humor of the game, maybe even a little intentional. Alternatively, a Wheel of Fortune game might be just as entertaining a choice for you, if you want a game based on a TV show which can also be played sporadically

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