Blitzkrieg: Burning Horizon

Strategy 2004 Windows 1C Company Historical Real time

Real time strategy war game, great detailed action

It is a strategic historical real time war strategy game where you will be taking part in many different wars with diferent scenarios and dynamics. All the wars are the themes of history with some real and some hypothetical details. You can fight the Tripoli war, Tobruk war, Sicily, Normandy and few others as well. There are 18 expansive and detailed mission that you will perform in this game through units. You will basically play a historical general in the game and will run both on ground units and fighter planes. The first good thing in the game is that the missions are very diverse and involves a lot of strategic elements coupled with action. Building units and devising a plan for attack will be your top priority and all the planning and action is real time. The graphics in the game are typically suited with the theme and the A1 is really designed well. As you progress along in the game, the missions get tough and you will see a good variety in the form of terrains and buildings with which you can interact. It has both action and adventure and is really a fun game. If you really love war action, then another good game that I can tell you is Battalia.

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