Excelsior Phase Two: Errondor

RPG 2000 Windows 11th Dimension Entertainment Top down Medieval

Truly epic sci-fi questing fun

The original Excelsior was an early attempt at an Ultima-style RPG which featured the usual genre features such as character creation, spells, skills and questing, all wrapped up in a neat sci-fi package. This sequel retains much of its predecessor's style, including the tile-based nature and character customisation but adds in an all-new and highly original plot to make a highly worthwhile adventure for fans of old-school RPGs. The story is largely unconnected to the original so if you haven't played that, it doesn't really matter, but it is a good game which is well worth checking out anyway. The sequel once again places the player in the role of a 'fixer', a sort of half-god whose job it is to mend deviations from the pre-ordained history of the universe. You find yourself sent to a world which is about to enjoy peace for the first time in centuries but on the eve of the signing of the treaty, everything is about to go pear-shaped. A junior fixer has disappeared so it is your job to find her and ensure the treaty goes ahead as planned. However, a deeper conspiracy is soon uncovered and which will test even your immense talents. Errondor really is a charming RPG, which is both original and compelling in its storyline and engrossing in its gameplay. It is decidedly old-school in its approach, both in terms of visuals and how it plays out, with simple but effective overhead graphics and lots of retro exploring, fighting and questing to enjoy. There is a huge variety of customisation options to experiment with, while the vast array of NPCs provide plenty of amusement and intrigue through their unique and interactive conversations. If you're looking for an epic Bard's Tale or Ultima 4-style adventure, then this is an unexpected gem that deserves to be played.

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