RPG 1992 Dos Dosbox Cybertech Top down Turn based Medieval

Exciting action with trading

It is a classic RPG game which is based on a fantasy world of trade and combat where you have many exciting adventures and combats to give you a thrill ride. You will be a piloting a spaceship termed as Spelljamer which you will move in from one planet to another and will trade different items according to the demands of the inhabitants. The crew members that you have on your ship includes heroes which will also take part in trade along with the combats that take place when you are in transition from one planet to another. The combat in the game is also very interesting as it is supported by some fine animations and some very good graphics. The graphics are very detailed and they present a bird's eye view of the action that takes place at different levels. The level designs in the game are very unique and you will not find any repetitions of elements because they designers have been very innovative with every details that they have incorporated into the gameplay. The combat is in two forms where one is the naval combat and the other form is the Melee combat. The controls in the game also work very smoothly and it is an overall gem to have. Another gem of a game is ultima 5.

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