Ultima I

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Step forth, brave hero!

Although it might look crude and dated now, this is a truly superb slice of fantasy RPG action that stands alongside Bard's Tale and Wizardry as an industry legend. If nothing else, this marks the first entry in one of the most influential fantasy series ever but surprisingly enough it also remains an enjoyable adventure that is still worth a look today. This one has a fairly familiar but well done fantasy tale, which involves a classic time travelling hook, and which requires you, as the bold hero, to venture back in time to destroy an evil wizard before he creates an all-powerful gem which will make him invincible and immortal. What follows is a classic 2D top down RPG, where you explore a very detailed world that is filled with towns, dungeons and many hazards, with your main activity coming in the form of quests to be completed, and which usually involve killing things and collecting loot. You've got an extensive array of equipment and items to purchase, along with other now familiar elements that are usually seen in such games. Ultima definitely looks a bit rough and ready around the edges when viewed in the 21st Century, but there's no denying that it still retains much of its power and which helps to make it a true classic. There's a great story to follow, which is pretty convoluted but very involving, while there's a genuine sense of adventure as you explore the unknown. The controls might seem strange for newcomers but you soon get used to things, while the visuals have a strange sense of personality but one which still looks good today. A true classic.

A great rpg hit

Here a great role game that will you make a deep dive in the past. The theme is fictitious where a land has been broke down into 4 different continents and each of the continents has two different lords which makes them 8 in total. The lords have their differences and every continent is facing some mysteries and troubles. Your charcter in the game will move from continent to continent and from town to town within the continent and will also be doing the exploring and the action in the castles as they are 2 castles in each of the part. The map in the game will guide you about different locations where you need to move in the game and you will also be fighting with monsters in different dungeons and killing them will enable you to get some very important items. The variety of power up in different quests have been dispersed very effectively and are quite diverse. You can create your own character and then set off to face the enemies and to explore this fictitious but very well designed and diverse world. The user interface and the graphics of this game are also very prolific which makes Ultima a true epic RPG.

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