Ultima 4

RPG 1985 Dos Dosbox ORIGIN Systems Top down Role playing Adventure Fantasy

Be like the Avatar!

The Ultima series is known for setting the bar pretty high as far as RPGs go, and although the early games might look fairly crude today, they remain as playable as ever. This fourth entry stands as one of the finer titles in the franchise and deserves to be part of any true RPG fan's collection. This one takes place in the newly formed world of Britannia, brought into being following the tumultuous events of the previous three games, and with the player taking the role of the mysterious Avatar, a being that stands as a shining example to all. Unlike other similar games, you're not trying here to defeat some uber villain or such activity, and instead you're trying to become the Avatar, the embodiment of all that is good. This means that throughout your adventure, you'll be faced with numerous situations which test your moral perspective and which will force you to question your actions. There are other unusual features to the game which stand hand in hand with more traditional elements, with the game involving lots of exploration, combat, magic, treasure seeking and so on. Ultima 4 really is a stunning example of the genre. Modern gamers might be put off by the relatively basic visuals, but to do so would be a mistake as there is an incredibly deep, though-provoking and enthralling game to be found here. The story is compelling, the world extremely well-realized, the combat highly satisfying, and which all combine to make one truly epic adventure. There's almost literally nothing wrong with the game so if you haven't played it, rectify this immediately.

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