Extreme Tennis

Sport 1999 Windows Head Games Publishing Racket

Awesome tennis game

It is a classical tennis game which is better than many in this genre. The theme in the game is that you are going to compete with the top players in the world in single matches and in tournament mode. The player modeling in the game has been good enough to give you a mature feel of the graphics. You can play both on grass and on clay and have a large fleet to choose from. Starting with the controls in the game, they have been calibrated very well into the sports action and are very responsive for quick player movement in the court. You can customize your equipment in the form of rackets and shoes etc. The graphics in the form of the venues and the backgrounds are alluring and provide you a fun setting for the gameplay. The action that you can do with your racket includes almost all the shots that are played in a tennis game including backhand and forehand. The level designs are very intuitive and the tournament mode is really fun. The user interface here is also good and the game is overall addictive. For more tennis action, try Advantage Tennis.

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