Advantage Tennis

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Prolific tenis game with great graphics and options

well it's surely not one of the average tennis games around because it gives you a lot more than simple unrealistic tennis. The plot or the goal that you have is quiet obvious and that is to make it to the top of the top 100 players in the world and become the best. The 3D graphics which have been used to display the players and the tennis court has made the look of the gam quite inviting and facilitates a great game of tennis. The best thing which you can find in this game is the moving camera which tracks all the angles of the action that happens on the court. This adds a great modern tennis atmosphere to the game and will make you feel like you are witnessing real tennis with live action. Well this feature is a standalone thing to make this game a true classic. Practice matches, careers stats and tournaments along with different types of courts add even more stars to it. The graphics are crisp and fluid and the gameplay is really smooth. Tennis games like 4D tennis are better due to their graphics but still this games competes them with its 3D graphics.

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