Extreme Paintbrawl

Action 1998 Windows Head Games Publishing Shooter First Person

Another contender for worst game ever

While ostensibly a Doom-style shooter, Extreme Paintbrawl turns out to be one of the worst conceived and designed videogames ever and it is not only mystifying how it was ever released but also that it spawned three sequels which are also uniformly poor. The very idea of the game, a simulation of a simulation, is so bad it is a wonder this progressed beyond the initial brainstorming session but as you play it further, you keep finding new things to hate about it. The game is basically a multi-player first-person shooter, similar to the likes of Doom and Duke Nukem, with several fields and weapons to enjoy the action in. These fields include the likes of an urban assault arena, a haunted forest and a desert, but one of the first of the game's problems is that they are extremely poorly designed, every one being bland and uninteresting without exception. This might be overlooked for a short while if the gameplay was more fun, but unfortunately, things don't get much better. The AI is possibly some of the worst written ever, with squad mates standing around in the open waiting for enemies to shoot them or just hiding behind doors. The game suffers from terrible visuals, which were dated at the time of release and are blocky, badly textured and generally just plain ugly. Sound is equally painful but at least you can turn it down. Extreme Paintbrawl really is a definite contender for the all-time worst game list, alongside such 'greats' as E.T., Home Alone 2 and Taking of Beverly Hills, so unless you take some masochistic pleasure in playing bad games, give this one (and its sequels) a wide berth.

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