Tennis Antics

Sport 2000 Windows Freeloader Racket Action

Tennis plus arcade bells and whistles!

Tennis Antics is a mix of tennis delivered in an arcade style, but in order to make it a bit more diverse, it's also got a few other gameplay elements pushed in there, that will remind you of a whole lot of other games. For instance, there are, except for the tennis ball, upgrades as well as an upgrades system based on the number of times you bounce the ball in the adversary's field. So, as you can see, classic tennis is out of the picture, replaced by a really cool and interesting futuristic kind of gameplay. The game is 3D, with good graphics; after all it was released in 2000, so it's DX7 level of quality/ It might have been better if the game was not as cartoony but then again, it's a kids' kind of blend anyway. Also, and this is pretty unexpected, the game features a cool single player story mode, which just puts stills with text in between matches, narrating what you are doing in a cool way. Kids will surely love this addition, for sure. For a more bells and whistles free tennis game, better download something like Virtua Tennis, a serious and yet very playable 3D tennis game, that really takes the cake for playability for 2000 era releases.

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