Back to the Future 2

Action 1990 Dos Dosbox Image Works Platformer Puzzle based

Great fun puzzle and adventure platformer

It is an arcade style platform game which is based on the plot of the famous movie with the same name. The plot here is the continual of the story where the first game ended. The character or hero time traveler in the game has returned back to his age after being in 2015 and has now realized that he needs to adjust some paradoxes by going back to the future or else his family will be in danger. This is where the quest starts and the hero needs to do everything to save his family from the possible perils. There are about 5 mini games or chapters in the game which are very much the same as you saw in the movie but the developers have added a lot of tweaks to add a bit more variety for those who have watched the movie. The chapters or the scenarios have their distinct puzzles and elements and are very exciting and interesting. The game has some very catchy graphics which gel to the theme and also involves a fun aspect to it. The A1 is great but the game is a bit short to my liking. However it is still a very thrill ride to the future. The same can be said about its sequel Back to the Future 3.

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