Gremlins 2

Action 1990 Dos Elite Platformer

From left to right/The gremlins we shall fight!

Heh, those damned gremlins! There was a real craxe in the late 80s based on those creatures, cute until they got exposed to... sunlight! Hehe, then they turned into man flesh eating beasties! Yep, it took this little to entice an entire generation on yet another fad, so, I guess, it figures, a game had to be made out of the movie. In fact, more than one game was created, and this game produced by Elite had all the trappings of a great sidescroller, alright not great as in the absolute classics, but alright for those that were already hooked on the Gremlins toys ad movies. Otherwise, well, this is yet another so platformer, the kind of which can easily be missed, as it offers no real novelty, expect, of course, the tie in to one of the movies. So, it's a bit horror themed, but, well, it's like horror for kids, I'd say, so don't expect no heartfelt scares. , instead be ready to be bored after just a short while. Sorry, Gremlins 2, that's how you are! I'd rather go for another book to movie to TV series to game, (phew!) The Neverending Story 2, which is a bit better than this one here.

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